Dear Frederic

Charles F. Huot is an up and coming producer and songwriter living in Montreal.


Hout is making waves with his sythpop music under his stage name Dear Frederic.  He’s at work writing songs profusely and evolving with each tune.

Huot got into music early and instantly knew it was the life path he’d go down. “I was obsessed with Dave Grohl’s drum parts on the album ‘Nevermind so after a summer of delivering newspaper, I bought a drum set and started playing music with friends. It has never been a leisure for me though, I always felt it was my job in a good way,” says Huot.

Huot officially started his career in 2008 with an indie rock band called Winter Gloves. After releasing 4 albums and working musically with popular shows like Degrassi and So You Think You Can Dance, Huot started his solo career in April 2014.

His first solo EP, Outlast, moves away from his indie-rock roots and into 80’s syth-pop, and has received resounding support. He recently played an electric set to thousands of fans at the 2014 Osheaga Music Festival.

Huot’s audial evolution may have been caused by the way he writes his music. “I’m heavily inspired by TV shows and movies especially Sci-Fi. I usually think of characters when I write. It’s my way of building them a deeper personality I guess. In the past, I wrote a lot of boring songs about legitimate experiences or profound state of mind that now I just don’t think too much and write almost everyday for no reason,” explains Huot.


You can buy Dear Frederic’s EP on iTunes and learn more about him at

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