Feeling Festive and Enjoying Art at Toronto’s Christmas Market

The spirit of the holidays is alive and bright at the annual Christmas Market in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.  Families and friends gather to enjoy the food and drinks, Christmas lights and music, and the works of many artists who call the Distillery District their home.

This year’s market is hosting over 246 free performances including choirs, carolers, brass bands and dance groups. The market also boasts over 30 different culinary and crafts vendors, which sell traditional European-style Christmas decorations, which are often hand crafted and unique to the market.

Carolers perform with Santa Clause and a Snow Angel.

Christmas tree candles from Century Wax.

The Distillery District is open year round and hosts a variety of visual and performance artists and groups. Many of them take advantage of the market to participate and add a touch of their art into the Christmas spirit. Visitors can warm up in the indoor studios and galleries, enjoy the work, and purchase pieces.

Susan Card is a ceramic artist, and her colourful porcelain sculptures have been seen in galleries around Canada and in over 80 exhibitions. “I work out of the distillery in my studio and so the Christmas Market is a great way for me to open my work to more people and not just clients who commission what I do. It’s a simple but really powerful way to share art,” says Susan. “I enjoy ceramics as a vehicle for timeless communication between people and cultures. It provides context to reflect on human activity,” she adds.

Susan Card’s ceramic teapots and teacups can be seen at her Dish Gallery and Studio at the Distillery District.

A variety of other visual artists and galleries displayed their work at the Christmas market. The Eskimo Art Gallery, founded in 1981, has been presenting the finest contemporary Inuit art from the Canadian North. It was popular with market visitors this year with their large Canadian and winter themed sculptures and prints.

Mother and Child by Billy Kuksuk of Eskimo Art Gallery.

Dancing Bear by Markoosie Papigatok of Eskimo Art Gallery.

To learn more about the Toronto Christmas Market, the Distillery District, or the various artists of the historic area, please visit their respective websites.

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