Flamenco and Spanish culture come to Canada

zeeBigBang attended yesterday the musical documentary “Morente”, a 2012 Goya nominated film based on the career of Spanish-born Flamenco legend, Enrique Morente. Before and after the screening, Justine Bayoz Espoz, a Madrid flamenco critic and author who works closely with the film’s director Emilio Barrachina, interacted with the audience.

You still have time to see other films in the series A Journey through Flamenco & Spanish Films in Toronto at the National Film Board Mediatheque. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover or acquire new knowledge related to the art of Flamenco as well as Spanish art and culture.


Six different themed movies showcase the importance of Flamenco around the world. Four of the works are by Barrachina. Also featured is the film “Kumpania: Flamenco Los Angeles”, directed by Katina Dunn, and “A Cara o Cruz / Heads or Tails”, directed by Silvia Prió.

Take this opportunity to explore the world of Flamenco in Toronto today and tomorrow! You will also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the movies during the following days in Montreal, Calgary and Winnipeg. For more information check out A Journey through Flamenco & Spanish Filmsat: http://www.torontoflamencofestival.com/


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