Great Digital Film Festival

Cineplex’s Great Digital Film Festival lets fans see some of their favourite movies on the big screen and in full digital HD. Audiences can watch classics shot on 35mm film revived in theatres from January 30th to February 5th.

The festival was started 6 years ago by Front Row Centre Events to bring fan favourites back into theatres. It’s one of Cineplex’s multiple initiatives to re-immerse audiences in films of the past. Participating Cineplex theatres also run a Classic Film Series throughout the year, which shows films from the last century of filmmaking in digital on the big screen. The intent is to showcase classic films that, in most cases, have not been seen on the big screen in the format before. Films like Casablanca, The Sound of Music, and the 1931 Charlie Chaplin classic City Lights, are all on the roster for this year’s Classic Film Series.

The love for old movies is what drove the Digital Film fest’s organizers to put together this year’s lineup. “We put on our fanboy hats and asked each other a simple question: ‘What movies would you love to see again on the big screen?’” says Richard Crouse, a film critic and one of the series’ organizers.  “The answer of course is just about everything!”

Dick Tracy will be playing at the Great Digital Film Festival for the film’s 25 anniversary.

“Movies are selected using an elaborately placed dartboard with films titles pinned to it,” jokes Mat DeVuono, Cineplex’s director of Event Cinema. “Actually, titles are chosen based on a variety of factors, but largely what is suggested by guests, what films are tied to current pop-culture events (such as sequels and anniversaries), and of course, what films are available digitally from the studios.”

This year’s festival has a lineup of 16 films including Alien, and Pan’s Labyrinth, and the 25th anniversary of The Rocketeer.


Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner, will be playing the festival.

“I have tried for the past six years to show Blade Runner, and it just hasn’t been available – until now,” says DeVuono. “I really can’t wait for fans who have been asking for it to see it in all its digital glory.”


Five X-Men films will be playing at the festival including X-Men: Fist Class and X2: X-Men United.

X-Men is experiencing a huge resurgence of success,” says DeVuono “Some of the originals were just made available digitally so it’s a great time to these fan favourites back to the big screen.”

The film festival will also be showing both volumes of Kill Bill, allowing audiences to see it as the giant film Tarantino had originally written it as. “We both chose Kill Bill,” says Crouse. “But we chose different volume, so we just thought, why not program both?”

For more information, tickets, and show times, please visit the Cineplex website.

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