Ichwan Noor- bringing the art out of our daily lives

Ichwan Noor gained world recognition for his art when he revealed a spherical sculpture made out of a Volkswagen Beetle. The VW ball was part of series done by Noor. “The idea came from a personal perception of the objects of cultural products. I saw some objects as having a spiritual gesture, as having a magical identity,” explains Noor. “I am a man looking at things with an animistic attitude, and I’m trying to develop a concept of ‘totem’ today.”

Beetle Sphere, made from a 1953 VW Beetle

Noor hails from Indonesia, where he studied sculpture at the Art Institute of Indonesia. Art has always been a part of his life, and he has been drawing and developing new skills and ideas since childhood. “Art became a part of my life very early on. Growing up, I had a lot of potential, faith, and vision, and that’s why despite it being very difficult at times, I have found a lot of happiness in the world of art.”

In addition to happiness, Noor has found tremendous success within the international art community. His work has been on display in exhibitions around the glove since 1985, and he’s received a number of awards and honours for his work.

Aluminum Wheel Barrow Face Many of Noor’s art pieces come with a social or political comment, speak to societal evolution, and carry themes of industrialism and consumerism. “ I especially try to convey the relationship between humans and their environment and its products. I want to remind man of his human nature. I want to reconnect things to their more profound roots. Like the Beetle Sphere for example. Its spherical shape; the circle is at the core of the form, is a symbol of life, fertility and others.”

Reconstruksi – man in scaffolding

“All I know for sure is that in terms of art, I have to continue to grow, work, and innovate as much as I can. As it was in the past, so it will be in the future. Art will always be a huge part of human life. can we can imagine that human life without art?” says Noor.

To learn more about Noor and his upcoming works, please visit his website.

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