Keep your eyes on Lowell: Canada’s next top pop artist

“I can’t help but make pop music. Pop melodies are what flow out of me. I can do obscure stuff but it doesn’t give me the same pleasure,” breakout pop artist Lowell said. “When I write a great hook or what I think is a great hook, I get tingles in my body.”

After dropping her debut album this past fall, Lowell’s music has been bridging the gap between indie sensibilities and mainstream accessibility.



Hailing from Calgary, she moved to the Yukon with her father and lived near a mountain that was once a passage to gold miners and a preying haven for wolves. From there, she found her name, which is French for the word ‘wolf’. After moving from city to city, Lowell is now based herself in Toronto and London, and has distinguished herself as a leader of the pack of the next pop generation.

Still new to the music business, Lowell has already worked with a number of big names. She helped co-write with Shane Filan of Westlife, worked with Malaysian neo-trip-hop songstress Yuna, and helped write and mix The Backstreet Boys’ last album, In a World Like This.

“I was there during the mixing of a lot of the latest Backstreet Boys record,” she said. “What’s amazing is that they are so good at harmonizing with each other. They’re actually incredible,” says Lowell. “I just started soloing their vocals and putting reverbs on them for a little while. It almost sounds like Pet Sounds. And I have a plan, sort of — and they’re pretty fond of me, so I feel like I could actually get away with this — to just remix the whole new album in a really, really amazing way. I don’t want to get sued, but I want to completely revamp it; just take away all the beautiful pop stuff they tried to do and put some organ in there.”

The singer’s work created her some notoriety and attracted some of the world’s most successful songwriters, including Sacha Skarbek, who has worked with Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus, and Adele. She was invited to work on her own record in London, but found that her own vision wasn’t in sync with what the other writers wanted.

“When I was making the record, people kept saying to me: ‘You don’t have a sound. Are you an electronic musician? Are you indie? Are you pop?’ I kinda just didn’t answer that question, and it made the process a lot more fun. For me, hopefully, it also makes listening to it a lot more fun,” she said.

And so while sticking to own vision, Lowell created her first EP, I Killed Sara V. Sara V. was her stripper name, and the title represented Lowell’s ascent to bigger things and her road to bring her ideas to fruition. The EP soon transformed into her debut album, We Loved Her Dearly, which was released in September and has been met with positivity and evoked comparisons to other indie-pop powerhouses like Grimes and Feist.

To learn more about Lowell, please visit her website. Her album is available for purchase on iTunes.

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