Learning what’s cool from the Aaron who isn’t.

By Mariya Guzova

When Aaron Vazquez tried to create an email account with the username aaroniscool, he was told it was already taken. He decided it was for the best, and so began his lustrous video-making career under the name aaronisnotcool. Don’t be mislead by his title, though, his work is a mesmerizing mix of bright color, smooth shots, and eclectic editing.

“I can’t really describe a style because the music always trumps it. Even if I have something planned going into the editing room, the music will always dictate how I edit and shoot. It’s all about the music and embodying its feel,” explains Aaron, who has directed and shot music videos for multiple musicians, including Blu, YC the Cynic, and Cherub.  “Usually I’ll write a treatment and talk it over with the musician. But sometimes artists let me run freely when working on videos, and I love that because I love creating of my own ideas.”

“I didn’t have any formal training, and I was always insecure about that,” says Aaron who studied history at the University of Texas to become a teacher. “But I learned on the job. I saw things I liked or thought of things and just learned how to do them. I would watch a video and see an edit I thought was cool, and tried to figure out a way to recreate it.”

Despite never going to film school, and using mostly iMovie when starting out, Aaron has managed to make a name for himself within the film and music industry. He’s worked with Rap Genius and BKLYN1834 as a videographer, getting to meet some of his favorite hip hop artists, like Mac Miller and Tyler the Creator along the way.

Aaron has also been working with Denitia and Sene, an R&B duo from Brooklyn, New York, where Aaron is now based.  They collaborate frequently on music videos, and are now in the talks of moving into more story based films. “I’m definitely interested in writing. I wrote a short film recently for Sene about two people who meet in a dream. So I definitely want to make the transition into more short films and things like that.”

Aaron also likes to photograph his work, life, and the people around him, and post it to his website. 


Aaron Vasquez


“I went to the deli last night.”


“Some shots from denitia and sene at Freecandy last night. It was colorful.”


A$AP Rocky – “3rd best shot i took last night.”

His photography acts as a behind the scenes look into his projects and the people who take part in them. “I tried doing photography professionally but I just found it was too demanding and not for me. I just do it as a hobby.”

“When you’re young, it can be easy to get caught up in drinking and going out a lot, but you have to invest the time to actually make things. Keep doing it, and working hard, and you’ll find yourself succeeding,” says the 26 year old. “The best part of it is the finished project. It makes it all worth it. The rest of the time when I’m working on a project I’m just really nervous, I’m worried about everything. But then having the edited final video is the best. And I never send anything out to the artists I work with until I think its really cool, and its how I had it pictured in my head, and something that I would like to watch. “

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