Mowgli’s Music is Spreading Love

by Mariya Guzova

The Mowgli’s are an alternative rock band hailing from Southern California that will have you cheering for love, kindness, and good old-fashioned rock and roll.

The band has seven members who work together to create music that spreads the messages of unity, love, and encourage people to perform acts of kindness everyday.

imageFrom left: Colin Louis Dieden, Josh Hogan, Dave Appelbaum, Katie Jayne Earl, Andy Warren, Matthew Di Panni, Spencer Trent.

When the Mowgli’s first got together they rented a house in Venice Beach and played as many shows as they could – sometimes five gigs a day.

They began recording their first LP, Sound The Drum, using a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. In the campaign they told their fans “they had been kidnapped by a record producing kangaroo who was known simply as ‘Kevin’.“ The story has it that Kevin held The Mowgli’s and their LP hostage until their campaign goal was met and the ransom could be paid. Sound the Drum was released in 2012, and their single San Francisco garnered them lots of attention from new fans and from a record label.

“It’s definitely been a fun journey for us. I think working as hard as we have has really reinforced some of the very ideas we try and spread through our music,” said Matthew Di Panni, vocalist and bass guitarist with The Mowgli’s.

“We’re often asked about how we travel with so many people in the band, and whether we get our own space. And the truth is, we do spend a lot of time really close together – and that’s great. We really do love each other and respect each other.  You have to, if you’re going to be spreading the message of love and unity. And I think our experiences as a band prove our message to be true.”


The Mowgli’s mission is to bring people together and encourage them to practise random acts of kindness. They created a website, called Be A Mowgli. It creates a space for their fans to share the ways in which they’ve incorporated this message into their lives and helps spread this positive message beyond their music.

Mowgli’s have partnered with peacelink and have supported a number of other charitable causes including and The Mowgli’s have always been active in their community and in social causes, even performing during the Occupy Movement while still recording their first LP.

“It is about the music for us; but it’s also about the message,” adds Matthew. “We want kids at home who have heard us or seen us to really take the message with them and run with it. We want people to feel encouraged, and to feel like they have everything they need to live the life they want. And that love and kindness are key to making the world spin a little smoother.”

The band is experiencing enormous success with their music. They have toured the US and Canada multiple times, and have played major music festivals such as Lollapalooza in Chicago and Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal.

Currently, The Mowgli’s are in the midst of a headlining tour and their next LP is slated for early 2015. To learn more about the band please visit their website.

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