New Editor for zeeBigBlog


Richard Thake has been writing all his life.

Now he’ll be putting his wide range of creative talents and abilities to use at zeeBigBlog as its new editor and advertising executive.

Richard began his career writing features and articles for numerous Maclean-Hunter publications and then as a reporter before becoming Assistant Editor at Marketing Magazine. After years of writing in-depth news, he shifted to the advertising business where he held senior creative positions with several large advertising agencies, including F.H. Hayhurst, Richmond Advertising, Benton & Bowles and Leo Burnett Canada. Among his clients were Turtles, ReaLemon, Facelle, Proctor & Gamble (Crest Toothpaste and Camay), Nabisco Foods, Bristol-Myers, Nissan, American Airlines, Government of Canada, Seagrams and Adams Distilleries.

Richard longed to get back to his first love – writing — which led him to open his own creative advertising service, Richard Thake Ink.  He also turned his attention to fiction and adventure and wrote a series of successful children’s books published by Owlkids Books. He was also able to pursue his passion for music and playing the drums in a band.

Richard will continue to grow the vision of zeeBigBlog to seek out innovative artists and companies in the arts and entertainment industries whose talents are above, below and around the traditional creative box and headed into unknown creative trajectories.

As editor of zeeBigBlog, his goal is to “give creative genius a platform to share insights, ideas, talents and new approaches to blend art with commerce.” Richard says he’s excited about the opportunity to showcase the extraordinary in music, photography, film, theatre, dance, design, art, fashion and literature on zeeBigBlog.

If you know someone in a creative industry that you’d like us to feature please send a 25 word pitch to Richard Thake at





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