Nine Rivers City – Outdoor Photography

Nine Rivers City Outdoor Photography Exhibit

I’m a visitor to Toronto, Canada from Japan and took a trip to Harbourfront Centre to view the Nine Rivers City photographs.

I had heard about the outdoor photographic exhibition that shows how the nine rivers which feed into Lake Ontario link the people of Toronto together.  I took the photos above – of the photos on display at the exhibit – so they aren’t as beautiful or crisp as the originals. Of course it’s best to see the original works at the exhibit in person to really appreciate the photographs by the six contemporary visual artists: Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Vanessa Hussey, Jade Lee Portelli, Surendra Lawoti, Christopher Manson and Meghan Rennie.

I was especially impressed by Jade Lee Portelli’s works and I’ve showcased a few of her photographs here.

Although I’ve been in Toronto for only ten months, I can see how much these rivers connect and affect people in Toronto and I was impressed. It was worth the visit to Toronto’s Harbourfront.

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