Nini Baseema: Providing insight for the online arts community

By: Aaron Navarro

Social media expert and passionate photographer Nini Baseema frequently pumps out inspired and well-researched work, which makes her an important courier for creative content in the online art community. Her inspiration comes from the 4000 plus blogs she follows daily.

zeeBigBang spoke with Baseema on how she became a reliable source for everything art on the web, her pictorial style, and her photographic projects.


“Down with love…” by Nini Baseema

Germany-based, Baseema is known around the web as the girl passionate about the arts and photography. It was only until a few years ago that Baseema “mustered the courage” to start considering herself as an artist.

“I’m still not where I want to be, but I have definitely come a long way since I started,” Baseema explains. “It’s one thing to occasionally shoot a photo and a completely different story to actually become immersed and skilled enough to amaze an audience with your work.”


Mixtape frenzy (above) won Nini the viewers’ choice 2heads self-portrait competition.

Baseema is a frequent contributor for the online art publication Lost at E Minor, for which she has written over three hundred articles. She is also the creator of several photography blogs on Tumblr where she posts her work, as well as reposts the work of others.

“I work in corporate communications where a part of my job used to be to maintain and update news pages. It’s become my second nature to keep content coming and to make sure there is a certain diversity,” says Baseema. “I find it fascinating to witness and observe how certain trends evolve and vanish after a certain time. Equally, I love how unknown artists can become big thanks to an appreciative audience.”

Baseema understands audiences and has established a loyal audience of her own with her artistic insight and news. She has also stirred an equally impressive following with her photography. According to Baseema, her photographic style is “extremely open-minded.” She finds beauty in various shapes and styles, and isn’t afraid to experiment with digitally editing photos.


“Where’s the magic treasure? Hunting leprechauns…”

She has an assortment of photographic projects under her belt, which includes her 2010 collection entitled Same Face But Different and her Roni River-inspired set One Self Portrait A Day where she photographed herself daily for an entire year.

“Most people who did a similar project reported how difficult it was for them to follow through with it,” Baseema explains. “I have to say for me that really wasn’t a big deal. I have always had a huge creative output and it seemed like a wonderful way of documenting life.”

The two works Baseema is most proud both include people who are close to her heart.

“I am particularly proud of a series I shot when staying with my grandma for a week in 2011. I documented our daily routine and this series will help my family and I remember her the way she actually is,” says Baseema. “The photos are honest and blunt, but they were shot with a loving eye and I think you can see that.”

The other project Nini is also pleased with is a series she shot earlier this year with her mother who had been diagnosed with cancer.


Photo from Nini’s pictorial series of her mother. “Cancer schmancer; showing chemotherapy who’s boss!”

“We took the photos a week after she had lost her hair to chemotherapy,” says Baseema. “She always liked the TV series Kojak a lot, so we decided to shoot her with a similar hat and the typical lollipop as a reference to that.”

Baseema is currently working with fellow photographer Gavin Hammond on a project entitled The Insomnitax soon to be released.

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