Novel in a Day: Author Vic DiGenti

“Talent is important, but so are perseverance and hard work,” says Vic DiGenti,  instructor of the Novel in a Day Workshop. zeeBigBang asked award-winning novelist DiGenti for the skinny on his advice for writers and novelists.


Best known for his Windrusher adventure triology and the Quint Mitchell mystery series written under the pen name, Parker Francis, DiGenti has honed his craft.

He will share his wisdom, experience, advice and instruct at the Novel in a Day workshop on Saturday, February 2, 2013,  from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm in St. Augustine, Florida.


“Writing is a craft that can be learned,” says DiGenti. During the writing workshop, DiGenti plans to have the writers “work both individually and in groups on exercises to promote their skills.  One exercise is for the writers to be given the title of a novel and to then work on developing the characters, plot structure, dialogue, and settings for that novel.”  He will continue to put them through their paces to produce  “effective beginnings and closings.” DiGenti says he’ll be there to teach them the techniques and help them grasp them.


Here are DiGenti’s 11 pieces of advice for writers:.

  • Pay attention to the basics: write well, edit thoroughly, develop your craft
  • Be observant and read
  • Write what you enjoy reading
  • See how the best writers are writing…..and write
  • Remember writing is a business: take time to write a good book, well edited, so it will sell
  • Obtain a good editor
  • Concentrate on creating a professional cover
  • Put money into marketing: unless you are very well known, you will need to market your writing
  • Do not rush to obtain an agent
  • Do not get caught up in the new publishing environment and rush to publish
  • Network with other writers; attend conferences and workshops


DiGenti has been an active member of the Florida Writers Association since it started  11 years ago and has stayed true to its motto:”Writers helping writers.” He is quick to remind aspiring writers and novelists not to give up and agrees with Ray Bradbury who said, “Your first million words don’t count.”

For more information on the Novel in a Day Workshop click on this link to The Florida Heritage Book Festival.

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