NXNE Interactive: Niche Blogging

This week zeeBigBang will bring you some insider tips from last week’s panel discussions at NXNE Interactive.

Ever wondered how you can make money off your niche blog? Niche Blogging: Monetizing Your Readership featured panelists Ryan Stansky, Janelle Rogers and Kirby Desmarais, who offered tips on how to profit off of your blog.

Niche Blogging: Marketing your readership – Kirby Desmarais, Janelle Rogers, Ryan Stansky (photo courtesy of NXNE)


  • Blog Platform: Make sure you have clear and accurate code. Fill in your site title, meta description and location data.
  • Content controls SEO: Use Google Ad Words until you can build up your rankings.
  • Use Inbound Links: People who link your blog on their high traffic website can bring new users to your site.

Photo courtesy of NXNE


  • Start engaging with people who can partner with you: Companies and sponsors want to be engaged. Find out who your readers like and try to build up partnerships with these people.
  • Approach advertisers: Don’t be afraid to contact advertisers. Selling ad space is a good way to get more readers.
  • People can sense if you are authentic: Have good content and be passionate.
  • Treat your blog like your resume: Interact with people. Don’t box yourself in.

zeeBigBang’s takeaway: Content is an integral part of your blog but don’t forget the importance of the back-end analytics of your blog.

Stay tuned for more insider tips coming to you this week from zeeBigBlog!

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