Script Pipeline: Connecting Writers with Industry Professionals

By Aaron Navarro

“We’re the go-between the undiscovered writer and the industry executive looking for new material who doesn’t want to go through a giant pile of scripts,” explains Script Pipeline’s Director of Development, Matt Misetich.


Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth, was written by Script Pipeline contest winner Evan Daugherty (Universal Studios, 2012).

Hollywood based, Script Pipeline is a leader in the script facilitation business. Screenwriters with a complete script and aspirations of working in film or television can contact Script Pipeline to have their screenplay analyzed and circulated within the industry for pick-up.

Since 2000, Script Pipeline has delivered 100 matches between screenwriters and film and television executives. Their success begins with a variety of insider resources—including their own database of writers, industry networking events and international competitions. Misetich reviews every incoming script and says that in the industry, “good writing is something that’s valued more than anything.”

Evan Daugherty’s Script Pipeline-winning script Killing Season features Robert De Niro and John Travolta.

zeeBigBang asked Misetich what makes a good writer.


Script Pipeline’s 2013 Screen and TV Writing contest winners. Left to right: Screenwriting Runner-up Haji Outlaw, Script Pipeline Founder Chad Clough, TV Winner Jackson Sinder, Director of Development Matt Misetich, and Screenwriting Winner Morgan von Ancken (Script Pipeline, 2013).

“The mark of a good writer is in [his/her] understanding that concept is king. Good writing is zeroing in on really laying out plot structure. This is fundamental and crucial to the success of a good script,” says Misetich. “You can tell with all the top writers that come to us, there’s something about the writing and the flow of a plot and understanding character that shows their take.”

How Script Pipeline Works with Writers

After finding and going over a script that has strong potential, Misetich meets with the writer to further develop and revise it before the writer works on the next draft. When both Misetich and the writer are comfortable with the revised draft, Misetich tries to “get them on the fast track towards production and development.”


Script Pipeline’s logo.

The company works closely with the film and television industries to find good writers and good scripts.  To help source the best talent and story ideas, Script Pipelines holds seven competitions a year. “Our main competitions are for screen writing and for television writing,” explains Misetich. “We recently started a new one called the First Look Project and that one is a genre specific competition. We also have a student competition for university and film school students.”

Evan Daugherty was the winner of Script Pipeline’s 2008 Movie Idea Competition for his Snow White and Huntsman script. Since winning the competition in 2008, Daugherty is in the works with director Michael Bay on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle adaptation.

Snow White and Huntsman movie trailer.

Industry Advice

Misetich started as a sidekick. A film and English major in college, Misetich joined Script Pipeline in 2006. He worked as an unpaid intern from 2002-2004 to get industry experience and then transitioned into a freelance reader for a few production companies.

In February 2006, I thought I’d apply for an administrative position under executive director Chad Clough at Script Pipeline. He gave me a script to do sample coverage on and he really liked my insight.”


Matt Misetich reviewing written content.

“Education will take you a long way,” Misetich says. “You also have to understand not only what’s selling in the industry or what’s being produced now, but you have to think ahead and play the role of sidekick. You also have to be one or two steps ahead in where the industry’s at.”

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