SoFar Sounds: The magic of live music

Seeing a musician perform live is one of the best ways to truly experience the magic of music.

Unfortunately, traditional venues and concerts are often not set up in a way that allows an audience to experience an intimate and emotional performance. This is why in 2009, SoFar Sounds started their initiative to curate small, secret shows for true music lovers.

Since then, SoFar Sounds, commonly called SoFar, has gone global and grown to become the world’s largest music discovery community. Theycurate secret music gigs, in interesting and intimate spaces around the world.

By signing up with SoFar Sounds, you’ll be notified when ashow will be happening in your area, and you can request to attend. If you make
it onto the guest list you’ll be notified 24 hours in advance where to go. The
doors open at 7:30 pm and close at 8 pm. The live performance begins right away.
This gives you the opportunity to find new music, discover local artists and
meet others who share your passion for music.

There are only two rules; no talking and have fun.

“You’ll never experience a show like a SoFar Sounds show. There
is no chatter; everyone is there to enjoy the music. The audience is filled
with real music lovers, and the musicians are stoked about having an audience
that is really there to listen so they give it their all every time,” says Ryan Levey, producer of SoFar Sounds Toronto.
“It’s a really magical experience, and a typical show really just can’t


Water Strider in SoFar San Francisco


Helena Nav in Sofar Rosari


Ekkah at Sofar London

SoFar also helps up and coming acts find gigs and expand
their audiences. Any musician can sign up to play, and while there is
competition for gigs, it is still a great opportunity for people to play to
open ears.

“We really do try to mix it up. We’ve had hip-hop artists,
electronic music, even a celloist,” adds Ryan. “It’s really cool to see what
people around the world have to offer, and to see indie talent at its finest.”

The SoFar Youtube channel boasts some of these
performances, giving the artists some great exposure. While reviving the magic
of intimate live music it also helps promote artists and show off their talent.

“We never go to the same location twice,” says Ryan. “It’s
always a surprise and it’s always something cool. It can be a really cool house
downtown, a brewery, a radio station. And wherever it is, our crew makes sure
to make it sound like you’re in a real, professional, music venue.”

You can sign up to host a show if you have an
available venue. Everything from living rooms to patios can be transformed into
a stage.  You can also get involved by volunteering
with SoFar. Volunteers help transform venues into functioning sound stages, and
curate the shows in over 90 countries worldwide.

“Going to SoFar shows has almost ruined going to regular
shows for me,” says Ryan. “The excitement of not knowing where you’ll go and who
you’ll see. Meeting like-minded people and amazing artists. Engaging in a raw,
respectful performance. All of it is really an experience like no other.”

For more information, please check out the SoFar Sounds website.

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