South African Photographer Sean Metelerkamp

By Mariya Guzova



Sean Metelerkamp is a South African photographer and video maker exploring the various boundaries of visual expression. Raised in Knysna, SA, Sean first picked up a camera when his school offered a new course in photography. “The classes took place in a dark room with no teacher – how could I not want to sit in a dark room and play with chemicals for an hour everyday?” explains Sean.


Sean’s photography spans a wide range. He’s done portraiture, real life imagery, and statement making, fantasy work. He’s worked with musicians, artists, but even more prominently real people. His photographs strive to capture some sort of truth, and make the viewer feel something from viewing it. “To be honest, I do not consider myself an artist. I make things and it is for the viewer to decide whether my photo, video or performance disturbed or comforted them to a level that they would consider it art,” says Sean.

imageFuture Faces


Sean’s work is partly photojournalistic in the way that it genuinely captures people in all states of being. Everyone from being ill to being in love can be seen in his vast portfolio, which often acts as a reflection of the world and the people in it. “At the moment, making mistakes inspire me,” notes Sean.



Future Faces.



Sean’s more fantastical work knows few limits. Playing with colours, characters, location, and compositions, Sean has created new worlds, beings, and made countless social statements with his photography. “I’m planning to build a room that cuts off the five senses through soundproofing, floating in a bath etc. After a number of minutes, your sixth sense kicks in and you open new doors of perception, without substance. For now, I just daydream wherever I am and new ideas pop in to the head,” explains Sean.




Sean’s imaginative work has led to working with prominent South African musicians such as Die Antwoord. The rap/rave duo has been breaking into the international music scene with their up beat songs and hard to ignore style. Sean directed Zef Side, one of Die Antwoord’s most popular music videos.

Die Antwoord – Zef Side, Dir. Sean Metelerkamp

The music video for Zef Side won an award for Youtube Play Top 25 Videos of 2010 and was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum’s in New York, Berlin, Bilboa and Venice.

More of Sean’s work can be seen at his website.

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