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San Francisco, West Hollywood and now Toronto. zeeBigBang spoke with Bita Doagoo, owner of the Toronto Detox Market about her popular store and its 100% natural and organic products.
The Detox Market in Toronto opened its doors at the end of September. Bita Doagoo said that the response has been fantastic since she launched the first Canadian store after falling in love with the concept in Los Angeles.
“A friend of mine introduced me to the store,“ Doagoo said. “Within twenty minutes of being in the store, the owner, my husband and I decided that I was opening a store here (Toronto).”
Yes, it happened that fast.
The owners in L.A. and San Francisco, Valerie Grandury and Romain Gaillard were planning to open a third store in New York – not Toronto. But Bita was persuasive.
She explained that the Toronto market is very open to natural and organic products and that it would be a great opportunity to bring the Detox Market to Canada. Some products such as the Taza Chocolate are unique to Canadian market.
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Detox Market products are free of all synthetics and chemicals. Doagoo knows all her suppliers and ensures there are no synthetic stabilizers in any of the store’s wide range of products – including their cosmetics line KIDE.  Other organic goodies include Taza Chocolate from Mexico, Oak Milk from Finland, Hurraw! which is an organic lipbalm with 20 different flavors, and the 100% natural perfume, skincare and makeup by Honore de Pres.
Taza Chocolate
Kusmi Tea
Hurraw! lipbalm
Bita describes the Detox Market products as amazing. But why?
“They not only look beautiful, they make you feel beautiful and they’re good for you. I think what a lot of people are lacking when they’re looking for natural and organic products is the experience. So we’re kind of like the health food store meeting the high end department store. You’re getting the performance, but you’re also getting the experience.”
Doagoo sees the use of Detox Market products as “a state of mind, a lifestyle.”
To learn more about the Detox Market online go to their website.

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