The Gentlemen’s Expo

by Laura Dahmer

“It is like a GQ magazine brought to life,” said Settimio Coscarella laughing. Booths of fashion and technology brands, alcohol tastings, live-cooking sessions, band performances and sports simulators – all featured not in a magazine, but in an exposition. It is The Gentlemen’s Expo which was recently held in Toronto, Canada.

zeeBigBang talked to Settimio Coscarella, co-founder of The Gentlemen’s Expo, about the inspiration for the event and its growing success.


The expo caters to a “cross-section of men’s interests,” stated Coscarella. Exhibitors showcase products and services from haberdashers to game console producers to provide everything a “real gentleman” needs.

What makes The Gentlemen’s Expo different from others? “There are a lot of events of a very specific nature out there, focusing on only one category,” said Coscarella. Talking from experience, he explained that the exposition gives people an opportunity to find a lot of things they are interested in; and a lot more that they might not even know they liked – all in one place.


To choose the right array of exhibitors and performers Coscarella said that he and his team put themselves in the “mind frame of people buying the tickets and attending the exposition.” Although the second annual expo has just wound up, their aim is to also make the show bigger and better every year.

To Coscarella, the goal of The Gentlemen’s Expo is to entertain people. In particular, he wants to surprise the audience and break the stereotypes when it comes to the men’s industries: “We want to be something that men are proud to attend rather than being embarrassed by it,” he explained. “Visitors often thank me for doing this show,” he added.


With the festival taking place in Toronto, the organizers wanted to use the multicultural metropolis as a solid platform to grow on. Coscarella explained that since Toronto is a “great melting pot of variety, cultures and tastes”, it is a good test market for the show as a whole. Five years from now, he wants to see The Gentlemen’s Expo first as a national show and then as an international expo.

”We seem to have hit a nerve, the audience and more and more brands like the concept behind our event,” said Coscarella.


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