The Internet Industry: Buffer Fest

Toronto’s streets are about to be filled with a flood of famous YouTube content creators and a flock of their fans, all gathered together for the third annual Buffer Festival. The event, started by Canadian producer and YouTuber Corey Vidal, has established itself as a global stage for YouTube creators to showcase and announce their projects in an engaged and interactive way.

“Each year I am amazed at the creativity and the calibre of videos that are submitted to Buffer Festival and I am so proud to provide the YouTubers with the opportunity to receive the attention they deserve,” says Corey Vidal. “I’m so excited to be part of this project, one that unites fans, creators and brands that I feel privileged to be associated with.”

The festival is more than just an opportunity to screen the new content of popular content creators before it goes online, but its also a huge opportunity to forge connections and collaborations. Workshops and screenings gives fans and members of the industry a chance to interact with YouTubers, learn from each other, and make discoveries about the ever evolving frontier of online content.

“YouTube saved my life,” says Corey Vidal in My YouTube Story, a 34-minute video that explains how he turned making online content into a livelihood. “The YouTube community is like one big summer camp: you know everyone and everyone has something in common.” Vidal joined the YouTube partner program in 2007, receiving just $3 in his first month. Since then he has gained a cult following, receiving millions of views, and collaborating with other content creators to produce viral content.

The intention of Buffer Festival to open this world up to the fans of YouTube and to other creators who want to break into online content creation. The advertising system implemented by YouTune has completely changed the game for content creation, and streamlined it away from a linear distribution path. Buffer Festival dives into the industry elements at play with content creation and wants to help workshop creators into building content that isn’t just good, but that will thrive online.

This year, Buffer Festival has introduced Creator Day, in partnership with Ryerson University’s Transmedia Zone and CBC. The day will feature educational workshops presented by industry professionals, technical teachers, and YouTube celebrities. Up and coming creators will have the chance to learn and expand their skills and understanding of how to join the next generation of YouTube content creators. Creator Day will take place on October 23rd at CBC Glenn Gould Studio.

Fans line up at the Buffer Festival gala red carpet to meet their favourite YouTube stars.

Rhett McLoughlin and Link Neal of Good Mythical Morning on the Buffer Festival Gala red carpet 2014.

Rhett McLoughlin and Link Neal of Good Mythical Morning answer audience questions at Buffer Fest 2014.

ShayCarl and Charles Trippy of CTFxC share a laugh at their screenings at Buffer Fest 2014.

In addition to lots of learning, the festival offers lots of excitement and laughs at screenings and meet-ups. Last year, over 10, 000 fans came out to meet their  favourite YouTube stars and to join in the the buzz and excitement of the red carpet.

For dates and details please visit the Buffer Fest website.

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