The New Face of Canadian Stage

Matthew Jocelyn, Artistic & General Director for Canadian Stage, has been on a mission to revamp the Toronto theatre company and bring in a fresh new audience to their shows.

zeeBigBang attended the opening last night for The Game of Love and Chance, directed by Jocelyn and adapted and translated by Nicolas Billon.

Jocelyn’s contemporary retelling of this classic play is just one example of how Canadian Stage wants to re-brand itself and bring in a fresh new audience to its seats.

The Game of Love and Chance follows Silvia (Trish Lindstrom) and Dorante (Harry Judge) who are engaged yet have never met. Each of them are skeptical about the commitment of marriage without knowing each other’s true character. Silvia decides to trade places with her servant so that she can observe Dorante’s true self. Meanwhile, Dorante has the same plan and decides to trade places with his valet. The story unfolds into a comedic farce that surrounds the idea of love, mistaken identity and the business of marriage.

The play was adapted from French playwright, Pierre de Marivaux’s original, which was first performed close to 300 years ago in Paris. The Game of Love and Chance pays homage to a classic form of comedic theatre called commedia dell’arte, with over the top theatrical characters sharing witty banter throughout the play.

According to Jacelyn, “This play is timeless because it explores what we will do to attain love and deals with the versatility and instability of the human spirit and the human heart.”

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