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“Once you have written your book, the process is just beginning,” says award-winning author and self-publisher Jane Wood. Her company, Florida Kids Press, publishes her series of mystery and adventure books for young readers ages 8-14.


Jane told zeeBigBang that education and running workshops on self-publishing are central to her work as a writer and publisher. She says, “My inspiration for running workshops for writers is recognizing that I wish I had this advice and these connections when I first started as an author.”

Jane works with Frances Keiser  who is also an award-winning author of children’s books, publisher and owner of Sagaponack Books. Frances, a conservationist, publishes books that help young children understand the environment and how to take care of it. Her series of Pelican Pete books weave nature, facts and storytelling together.


Frances and Jane’s combined efforts to help authors navigate the road to publishing began in 2010  when they were both presenting for the Florida Heritage Book Festival. They then presented at the University of North Florida’s Writers Conference in 2010 and 2011 and have been collaborating ever since under the banner, Get Book Savvy.


Frances (left) and Jane (right) present workshops together

“Writing can be a solitary experience.  Authors need to step out of themselves to promote themselves and their books,” says Frances.  “An author is the best marketer for a book.” They follow their own advice and present at book fairs, colleges, book festivals, schools, fundraisers – any event that allows them to reach their audience. Their two most popular workshops are Publishing 101, for those who want to learn to self-publish, and The ABCs of Publishing a Children’s Book.

Here is Jane Wood’s and Frances Kesier’s three-part strategy for aspiring authors:

1.  Get personalized consulting services for you and your work as an author. “As part of our service we match every author with the right marketers, editors, book designers, and any other service providers they may need.”

2. Create public recognition for your book by doing speaking engagements, book signings, radio and television interviews, and networking. “We recommend joining Toastmasters to get comfortable in front of an audience.”

3. Read the small print in publishing contracts. “We help authors understand what to look for and what they should know.”

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