Xprime: Expressing musical joy

by Laura Dahmer

When the band enters the stage and starts playing, you can feel the audience being uplifted. Such is the magic of Xprime.

The band’s songs are the kind of feel-good music that makes you want to move. Even the band members’ own definition of Xprime is, “expressing pure musical joy”. Band mates say the worst reaction they could get from their audience is indifference. “The purpose of music is to evoke feelings. If someone doesn’t connect to our music, our music failed us,” explained drummer Phil Taylor.


From left: Phil Taylor, Gab Sid, Neil Carson, Steph Mercier.

Xprime is a young Niagara-based indie pop/rock band. It consists of four members: Phil Taylor, drummer; Neil Carson, bassist; Gab Sid, keyboardist and his brother and guitarist Steph Mercier. They founded the band five years ago, and released their first LP “The Album” in March 2014. It followed their 2012 release of EP “Here We Are”.

Talking about where the inspiration for their songs comes from Phil says there is no concept or formula for finding inspiration. “But when it strikes you, make sure you write it down right away,” he added.  Steph cites the lyrics from one of their songs, “Inspiration”, which is about the troubles of songwriting.

Xprime has already performed at renowned festivals like the SCENE Music Festival, Canadian Music Week and Indie Week Toronto. The band is experiencing a growing fan base but know that it might take some time to get the success they want to have. Xprime’s is looking for the band to have a lasting success.


As an indie band, Xprime has already faced a paradox in the music industry. They’ve worked hard to fund and promote the band’s music but several indie radio stations have refused to play their songs. “They say that we sound too mainstream, or even too successful to be on indie Rock,” explained Phil. The band needs more financial backing to become more commercial to be played on commercial radio stations. For now, “it’s like we are stuck in limbo,” said Gab.

They are enjoying the now and being able to improvise in their music videos and live performances.  The band wants to remain genuine and authentic even when they reach a commercial level. “Everything we do is 100% self-made,” said Phil.

Find out more about Xprime by visiting their website. Their music is available on iTunes.

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