zeeBigBang™ Launches Membership Plans

Good news!

zeeBigBang launches Mansion, Villa and Apartment Membership plans to help members better customize their brand and their business.

“Our job at zeeBigBangis to facilitate commerce amongst and between people and companies in arts and entertainment,” said Lucy La Grassa, President of zeeBigBang. “We have been testing the services we offer with hundreds of members in the arts and entertainment industries, including dance, theatre, music, digital media, opera, arts and design, books and literature, film, television, radio, and photography. zeeBigBang gives them an online business environment to take charge and work with with each other directly.”

The Mansion membership comes with the FORscene online edit suite currently used by professionals in the film, television and social media industries. Video can be uploaded, edited and produced into 30-second video commercials on member Storefronts and to showcase their Offerings. The Villa membership also has the FORscene app with less video airtime. The Apartment membership provides all the same functionality without the use of video.  Images, audio and pdfs can all be uploaded to promote talent, services and products as Offerings and for unlimited news Updates.

Apartment memberships are free because we believe that every person and company in arts and entertainment should have a means to successfully grow their individual brand and business,” said La Grassa. “The goal is for our members to use zeeBigBang to sell, buy, exchange and collaborate amongst and between industries to create exponential growth and opportunities worldwide.”

The web architecture and navigation was built by Creative Head and VP, J.T. Ivanov. “We wanted to build a beautiful environment that our members in 27 industries would be proud of; one that would complement their great work. I think we’ve done that and made it user-friendly, easy to navigate with the laser focus on business,” said Ivanov.

Spread the word! Encourage your colleagues in Arts and Entertainment worldwide to join zeeBigBangto grow their business and their brand around the globe.  Mansion memberships are CAD$24.95 /mo, Villa memberships are CAD$14.95 /mo and Apartment memberships are free.

Join zeeBigBang where arts and entertainment mean business.


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